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You've done it all:

Welcome to Katie Evans' site!

  • The Grapefruit Diet (THE worst!)
  • Pills and Shots (if you’re old enough!)
  • The All-Meat-All-The-Time Diet
  • The Caffeine and Tobacco Diet
  • The “Cool Hand Luke Egg Diet”
  • You’ve drunk enough diet shakes to float a bus.
  • You’ve counted calories until you dream in numbers.
  • You’ve swallowed the pre-measured, pre-packaged, pre-cooked,
    pre-chewed food until you puked
    (oh, yeah, that’s another diet you may have tried!).

Are you done yet?

How about you just:


  • Eat less
  • Eat healthier
  • Move your body more and
  • Feel your feelings instead of eat them


Think that will be easier and produce a healthier, happier you?

You bet! With hypnosis, it’s virtually effortless.

Your biggest challenge will be, “What will I think about now that I’m

not thinking about food all the time”?

Now doesn’t that sound better than some nasty meal replacement shake?

In 1987, I created the Lighten Up Weight Loss Program to help people lose weight by creating a new and healthier relationship with food.

Since then, it has been my dream to take these easy-to-use principles to thousands of people struggling with weight. It was impossible for years because the high cost of advertising determined the cost of each client.

The advent of online coupons has eliminated that problem and Living Lite (which Lighten Up became in 2000) is now able to help thousands of overweight people.

The 3-hour class we offer includes a FREE Stress Reduction CD, NEW and proven tools to help you:
Eat Less
Eat Healthier
Move your Body More and
Feel your Feelings Instead of Eat Them

We also include 4 hypnosis sessions to help lock the new tools into your brain, so that, ideally, your new behaviors go from your subconscious to your behaviors, sidestepping the conscious part of the brain (you know, the part that wants to have a conversation about the new behaviors: "I know I should go for a walk, but it's sprinkling, cloudy, too early, too late". You know those conversations!

In our efforts to reach more and more people at this reasonable price (more on that later!), we are offering licenses all over the world to train people to bring these tools to those that need them most. As with the program itself, licenses are very affordable and within a year a licensee may own his or her own business outright.

If you would like to know more about losing weight, please go to our Homepage and register for the class of your choice. Print out this page and bring it with you to class and pay only $50! This includes the CD which retails for $29 online.

If you would like to know more about delivering this amazing class to those in your area, please call me at 206-841-4876 and we'll chat about the details.

Here's to great health and prosperity.

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