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Why You Are Overweight And How Living Lite will Help You Enjoy Natural Weight Loss and Create the Body You Love


The bad news is that over 60% of the population of the US is overweight; the good news that being overweight is now the norm!
The obesity epidemic is like a “perfect storm”. That is, many factors have come together to promote the epidemic.
At Living Lite we’ve pinpointed several reasons that we battle the bulge. See how many apply to you:

· Preventive Eating: We often find ourselves over-planning our eating. We think about a time in the future where events may make it difficult to eat—or we think it will—and we eat now in case we get hungry later. At Living Lite, you will learn easy tricks to make sure you will be able to get a quick bite when your body is actually hungry. That way, your body will easily be the size it’s supposed to be and you just won’t want to eat when your body isn’t hungry. What freedom!


· Polite Eating Do you ever find yourself eating when you’re not hungry just because someone (your host, your Mom, etc.,) talks you into it? “I made it just for you” or “Just have a little more”. You will learn the MAGIC WORDS (that thin people use!) to avoid eating more and at the same time assuring the “food-pusher” that it was thoroughly enjoyable.


· Boredom Eating In the 24 years I’ve been helping people lose weight, consistently the two top reasons given for eating when you’re not hungry are stress and boredom. It’s interesting that those 2 emotions are mutually exclusive: You can’t be bored and stressed at the same time, yet they are the predominant emotions about which people overeat. Within days of beginning Living Lite, you simply will not be able to eat when you’re bored.


· Stress Eating We are so stressed these days, we don’t even know how stressed we are. Just being hypnotized daily—as you will be listening to your CDs—reduces your stress easily and significantly. Less stress=less stress eating. Are you noticing that we are healing the REASONS you eat rather than focusing on the food? The food isn’t the problem, it’s become the solution, but not for much longer!

· Procrastination /Distraction Eating Have you ever found yourself staring into the refrigerator—maybe for the 3rd time in an hour—saying to yourself, “I don’t know why I’m here. I’m not even hungry.” Well there are reasons you do what you do and often this behavior is because you want to avoid doing something else or you want to be distracted from something else. You will learn to quickly identify what’s really going on and have the tools to change your mind. Remember: Change Your Mind to Change Your Body.


· Celebration eating You will always find a reason (excuse!) to celebrate (eat!)—if you want to. With Living Lite, you will learn that celebrations do not always automatically mean FOOD! Remember, if our forefathers and foremothers wanted Thanksgiving to be called “Eat Until You Want to Explode” Day, they would have named it that. You will learn to focus more on the events and the people rather than the food. Much more fun and fulfilling.







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